Choosing Katrina Scarlett as our wedding coach was absolutely one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding. After many years of working in the wedding industry myself, I really didn’t think I needed someone to assist me but I am SO glad I had Katrina’s support and guidance from beginning to end. Katrina designed our wedding website to communicate important information to our guests. She helped plan the weekend itinerary and created timelines with key dates to ensure we were on track. Whenever I felt overwhelmed, Katrina was there to put my mind at ease and helped me work through challenges I faced. Katrina’s passion for weddings combined with her organization and attention to detail is the reason we had the wedding weekend of our dreams!

Sarah & Josh Schoenmakers

Married Saturday, May 28th, 2016

Katrina Scarlett is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her cheerful, smiling, and upbeat personality are attributes that cannot be missed. In our experience, Katrina clearly thinks with a big picture perspective, while not missing any of the fine details. Her organization, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness made for an unforgettable experience. Katrina is also an excellent communicator – always the one to follow up, rather be followed-up on. We would highly recommend her wedding coaching services without hesitation.

Michelle & Steve Brooks

Married Saturday, March 14th, 2015

This letter is in recommendation of Katrina Scarlett and her wedding services. My husband and I got married during Thanksgiving weekend in 2014. Our wedding was amazing thanks to our family, our friends and Katrina.

The resort at which we got married connected us with Katrina immediately after we booked the venue. She was with us, advising us and guiding us, for almost a year leading up to and including the big day. We corresponded via email for most of the time because we were a few hours apart. She was always quick to respond. I knew how busy she was with other clients and yet she still was able to make us feel like we were her number one priority.

She is very organized and had an answer for every question we had and even if she didn’t know, she would relay the answer to us within a short amount of time. Katrina was a creative, enthusiastic mentor. She really looked out for us and was really committed to understanding our desired vision.

A very important and respectable aspect about her mentoring style is she is truthful when hashing out ideas. If there was something she thought would not work in the overall theme, or knew there were things we could cut out to save our budget, she did not hesitate to let us know. She will always keep her clients’ best interests at heart.

Katrina Scarlett was always a pleasure to work with. Her positive attitude and calm nature spoke volumes during some stressful wedding planning. My husband and I would never hesitate to recommend her as a mentor and advisor for a wedding service. She is guaranteed a great addition to the planning process.

Eri & Muneer Jaffer

Married Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Apart from being meticulously organized, Katrina was able to keep us on track and make the whole wedding planning experience enjoyable. Her calm demeanor and social personality kept things light even during the most stressful of days!

Katrina’s sharp eye ensured that even the smallest of details were addressed and integrated into our overall plan. Katrina made us feel like family and continually surprised us with small, personalized touches. It was this personalization and thoughtfulness that impressed us time and time again. Pre and post wedding we’ve asked Katrina for advice and assistance and have always been impressed by her quick and thoughtful responses.

Without a doubt, we would recommend Katrina to anyone looking to add a little organization, clarity and support to their wedding planning experience. Her focus to detail, caring personality and zest will not leave you disappointed.

Sebastian Cosgrove & John Westlake

Married Sunday, August 31st, 2014