As I sit on my front porch watching another wicked thunderstorm roll through Muskoka, I can’t help but think about all of the couples getting hitched this weekend.

Are they obsessing over the weather forecast right this minute? Are they freaking out that they might need to call on their backup plan? Wait! Do they even have a Plan B? Yikes!

Over the years, I’ve encountered numerous brides who refuse to consider the potential for bad weather on their wedding day. But let’s face it, Mother Nature has her bad days too. She doesn’t provide a contract and she most certainly doesn’t make any promises.

My Top 5 Wedding Weather Plan Tips:

  • When touring potential venues, ask to walk through their weather options before you commit. Don’t leave this to be an after-thought. It’s important that you understand and are happy with the venue’s weather plan before you confirm with them.
  • Include a Plan B in your budget. Weather plans can sometimes alter your venue or vendor costs (ie. tent rental, advance set-up fees, etc.). To avoid being caught off guard, make sure to ask about these fees and to include them in your budget. 
  • Plan your guest list around the Plan B location…not Plan A. Your indoor location may not be able to accommodate the same number of people as your outdoor location. Rather than playing the odds, base your guest list on the ideal capacity for your Plan B location. This will help to avoid future panic. 
  • Choose décor elements that will work well in either scenarioKeeping your weather plan in mind when planning your décor will help you remain confident and stress-free on your big day should Mother Nature decide to throw a temper tantrum.
  • Communicate your Plan B with your guests well in advance. This especially holds true if bad weather means a significant change in location and/or schedule. Let your guests know what to expect if the weather plays a factor on your big day.

Whether you are getting married in May or August, a strong Plan B needs to be a priority. The way I see it…you need to love your Plan B just as much as you love your Plan A. Ok, maybe not ‘love’ but definitely ‘like’. If you have a great Plan B, it won’t matter what Mother Nature has in store for your day… will still be perfect!

Katrina Scarlett, Wedding Coach

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