Are you putting off your wedding because you can’t afford your dream?

Last week, I had a chance encounter with a bride-to-be while I was out and about. It’s amazing how quickly a future bride appears when I say the words wedding coach in public, haha.  Of course, we quickly got to chatting. But, when I asked her what date they had set, the smile left her face.

Despite being engaged for 4yrs, she tells me that a date has not yet been set. I could sense her frustration so I didn’t want to push the point. Heck, what if her groom was dragging his feet or something worse? Yikes. So, I simply told her that the day would come and that when it did, it’d be well worth the wait. But to my surprise, she opened up a bit further and told me that there was no point in having the wedding yet if it couldn’t be the wedding of her dreams. And, right now, their bank account just doesn’t allow for the wedding of her dreams.

My conversation with her was short as we were both heading in opposite directions. I tried to encourage her to think outside of the box to work within their budget rather than putting off their big day even further. It was easy to see though that she had her mind set. She has a very specific vision in mind for her wedding day – full of boatloads of flowers and magical unicorns – and she’s not prepared to compromise. Ok, I’m exaggerating slightly about the unicorns but I’m sure you get my point.

In her mind, if it can’t be the wedding she’s dreamed of then it’s not worth having. So…she’ll continue to wait, indefinitely, until the day comes when she can afford to have the exact wedding that she’s been dreaming of. (On a side note, her fiancée must have the patience of a saint!)

“A wedding is about celebrating your love and making a lifelong promise in front of those closest to you.”

Don’t get me wrong, I understand where she’s coming from but it truly breaks my heart. This lovely woman has lost her ‘bride-to-be sparkle’. That crazy burst of energy a newly engaged girl gets when anyone within 300ft says the word ‘wedding’. And even more so, the true reason for why she is having a wedding seems to have been completely forgotten.

Impressing others is not the reason for host a wedding. A wedding is about celebrating your love and making a lifelong promise in front of those closest to you. And that, my friends, can be done on any budget and in any economy.

Yes, there’s been a lot of chatter over the past several months about Canada heading towards a recession. And yes, that means that people are guarding their pocketbooks more tightly. BUT… should not be a reason for engaged couples to hit the panic button. It simply means that wiser choices and compromises might need to be made and some indulgences might need to be put aside.

Now, just to clarify, I will never suggest that a couple goes into debt to host their big day. If you are currently in a position where finances are particularly tight and your wedding would put you into the red….then yes, I would suggest you wait until you and your partner are a bit more financially stable so you can truly enjoy the adventure. But if you are one of the ones delaying your big day simply because you think the only way to have a dream wedding is through deep pockets…I merely want you to reconsider your outlook and priorities.

I assure you that an extravagant, magazine-worthy, wedding doesn’t celebrate LOVE any better than an intimate backyard wedding does!