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What Is Wedding Coaching?

Wedding Coaching is a dynamic, hands-on, yet guided, approach to wedding planning. Just like a baseball coach helps prepare a team to make it to the World Series, a Wedding Coach helps to guide and support you through the planning process so you can enjoy a positive, stress-reduced, successful experience. And a little bit of fun along the way never hurts!

Who Is It For?
Wedding Coaching is for hands-on, gotta-plan-it, couples who are excited to personally tackle their wedding planning adventure but would also love the guidance and support of a Pro along the way. Although these couples have usually decided against hiring a full wedding planner, they still don’t want to go through the journey alone. This is when a Wedding Coach becomes the PERFECT fit!
How I Can Help YOU!

I have a wealth of experience and knowledge and I WANT to share it all with YOU! Think of me as your personal wedding planning expert (and yes, psychologist too – haha). By your side throughout your planning journey to answer any of your questions, help you brainstorm, offer objective insight and provide you with a calm perspective during times of stress and concern. Planning your wedding should be an exciting and memorable time. But for most couples, it can be quite daunting and overwhelming. Through regularly scheduled coaching calls and ongoing email support, I’ll help you navigate through all of the crazy stages of your adventure.

  • Budget creation & management
  • Vendor sourcing & selection
  • Contract reviews/negotiations
  • Agenda planning
  • and so much more…….

My goal is to ease your stresses and calm your nerves so you can successfully create the wedding of your dreams! (and get a boat load of credit afterwards) P.S. I’ll also provide you with numerous, customized, planning templates – saving you hours of time and frustration!

Services & Pricing

No two weddings – or couples, for that matter – are the same which is why I feel it is important to customize my services to each of my clients and their specific needs. Whether you desire ongoing support or one-time assistance… I can help you! Wedding Knot Heart

Personal Wedding Coaching

This approach is perfect for couples who want to have the guidance and support of a Pro on a continuous basis. Whether you’re getting married in a year or 3 months from now, I’ll work with you to create a coaching program that will truly meet YOUR needs. Personal Coaching Packages start at $250 + HST.

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Group Wedding Coaching

If you have friends who are in the midst of planning their wedding too, why not share the coaching experience with them? Let’s sit down for an epic coffee date (or two, or three) and work through all of your questions and concerns together. This cost-effective and fun approach gives you the opportunity to receive support from a Pro while also learning from the experience of others. Group Coaching Packages start as low as $50/person + HST for a group of 6ppl.

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A La Carte Services

Feel like you have this planning thing under wraps but need help with one specific aspect? No problem – I offer individual services too! Perhaps you need help creating your budget or would like to have a Pro join you at your next vendor meeting to ensure the right questions are being asked. Or maybe you’d like the peace of mind offered by having your final details reviewed before your big day to ensure nothing was overlooked. Whatever you might need, I’m here to help YOU!

No need to go it alone! Have a Pro help you navigate the wedding adventure of a lifetime.